Need help with editing? Have I got a book for you…

Any of my Megacube mates would tell you that in my day job as a marketing writer and editor I’m fearless (and bossy) with a red pen in my hand. However, I’m the first to admit that I can’t diagram a sentence to save my life. Yes, to my shame I suck at the mechanics of grammar. Although I know how to use words, I just can’t tell you why I use them. So I’m always up for articles, classes, etc. on editing, so I can back up my bossiness with hard facts.

"Editor-Proof Your Writing"  by Don McNair

Add some (lean) muscle to your writing library.

In August, 2012 I took a class through (lots of great classes here, btw) called “21 Days to Fog-Free Writing,” taught by Don McNair. As I always do, I checked out Don’s background to be sure I’d actually learn something from him. Well, Don’s edited magazines, produced PR materials, headed his own marketing communications firm, written articles, published non-fiction books, written  novels, and now edits novels for other writers…whew! I figured this was a guy I could definitely learn from, so I took the class.

I learned SO much–not only things I could use in my fiction writing, but in my work writing, too. The class focused on cutting out (quoting from Don here) “foggy writing–writing that’s full of unnecessary, misused, and overused words. Foggy writing drives editors crazy, and it’s the number one reason most manuscripts are rejected on first glance.”

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