Tiger Beat Crush of the Week: Colin Ferguson

Okay, so this is more like Tiger Beat Crush of the Six-Month Period, since this is only my second TBCotW post. But I promise, this one is worth waiting for.

Meet Colin Ferguson, who will forever be enshrined in my heart as Jack Carter, the hottest (and funniest) sheriff since…well, ever. Colin was the star of Eureka, a delightful, quirky, funny, fantastic show that ran for five (aka nowhere near enough) seasons. It was a show Mr. Bud and I both loved, and one that ranks among our all-time, hall of fame favorite shows.

If you’ve read this earlier post, you know that Colin was my first and only inspiration for Detective Mike Nielsen, the hero of the hopefully-to-be-published-one-day Always. And it’s not just because I want to meet him when he gets cast in the movie version (although I won’t deny the thought occurred to me).

It’s because he brings it all and can play it all–the funny, the angst, the smoldering, the repression, the longing, the sexy. Everything I needed to be able to channel when writing Mike’s character. The man is AWESOME. I mean, look at the proof of how awesome he is: Continue reading


Inaugural Tiger Beat Crush of the Week: Danny Pino

I’m not sure why, but I’m feeling a little depressed today. So maybe this is a good time to start the promised Tiger Beat Crush of the Week feature*. Because hot men make me happy.

First, a little background: Since I was a little girl madly in love with David Selby, who played Quentin Collins on Dark Shadows (okay, I just dated myself), and writing really awful fanfiction with him as the hero, I’ve appreciated a good-looking guy. My crushes have been many, because I’m a teenybopper at heart and I always will be. BTW, you can expect a Hall of Fame TBCotW post on Mr. Selby someday very soon, because he really WAS my first Tiger Beat crush, TB magazine photos on the wall and all.

My wonderful husband Mr. Bud accepts this about me, because he knows he will always be my firstest and bestest love (and probably because I let him look at boobacious actresses to make up for it). So we’re cool. He just rolls his eyes and goes on about his business when I start my squealing.

The girls I work with (Pam, Cathy, and Angela, the previously-mentioned Girls of Megacube) think my crushes are a riot, and they’ve been after me to start a Tiger Beat Crush of the Week feature for ages. They just don’t understand that it’s all about the art, not about the lust–as you might remember me saying in an earlier post, I often use my crushes as models for the heroes in my writing. So really, I’m not shallow–okay, wait, let me stop giggling. I’m not shal…oh, hell, I can’t keep a straight face. Yes, it’s all about the hotness with me.

So let’s kick off the Tiger Beat Crush of the Week series with the extremely hot guy I picture as the hero of my work in progress: Danny Pino (Danny Pino – IMDB). Continue reading