Linda’s Casting Couch, Part II (or, This is Where You Find Out the Identities of the Hot Men on the Storyboard)

So in the last post I discussed my character-casting process (is too a process, albeit a convoluted one). As a reminder, here’s the storyboard I made for the Always characters (and I forgot to say in the last post, I keep this up where I can see it as I write):

The Always Storyboard

Now here’s a list of the actors and actresses who will bring Always to life once a Hollywood producer snaps up the book (ooh, it’s so pretty here in my fantasy world, isn’t it?), and a few notes on the most important characters and why I chose these particular actors/actresses to be their models. Continue reading


Linda’s Casting Couch, Part I (or, How Those Voices End Up In My Head)

Where the magic happens (excuse the mess)

Okay, I know the title sounds icky, but just wash that dirty mind of yours out with soap because the story is that I usually cast the characters in my books while I’m sitting on the living room couch with my laptop. Our super-comfortable leather recliner couch (left) is usually where I do my writing these days (and a big reason why my butt’s so big—it’s so comfortable I hate to get up).

But I digress (as usual). Back to my character “casting” process…I need to hear the characters’ voices and see their appearances in my head when I start to write. The easiest way to do that is to “cast” each character, so I can channel them as I’m writing. So what I do is start looking for actors and actresses who are the same ages as my characters by flipping through, Google images, and YouTube videos until the right person clicks in my head.

Then I create what I call my storyboard, with photos of the actors and actresses I’ve chosen. Yes, technically, it’s not a storyboard, because that has…y’know, a story, but this is my process so suck it up, nitpickers. I label each photo with the character’s name, and add a few scrapbooking embellishments to go with the theme of the story. It doesn’t take all that long, and it’s a lot of fun.

As an example, I thought I’d show you who I “cast” as my characters in Always, the book I recently completed: Continue reading