Inaugural Tiger Beat Crush of the Week: Danny Pino

I’m not sure why, but I’m feeling a little depressed today. So maybe this is a good time to start the promised Tiger Beat Crush of the Week feature*. Because hot men make me happy.

First, a little background: Since I was a little girl madly in love with David Selby, who played Quentin Collins on Dark Shadows (okay, I just dated myself), and writing really awful fanfiction with him as the hero, I’ve appreciated a good-looking guy. My crushes have been many, because I’m a teenybopper at heart and I always will be. BTW, you can expect a Hall of Fame TBCotW post on Mr. Selby someday very soon, because he really WAS my first Tiger Beat crush, TB magazine photos on the wall and all.

My wonderful husband Mr. Bud accepts this about me, because he knows he will always be my firstest and bestest love (and probably because I let him look at boobacious actresses to make up for it). So we’re cool. He just rolls his eyes and goes on about his business when I start my squealing.

The girls I work with (Pam, Cathy, and Angela, the previously-mentioned Girls of Megacube) think my crushes are a riot, and they’ve been after me to start a Tiger Beat Crush of the Week feature for ages. They just don’t understand that it’s all about the art, not about the lust–as you might remember me saying in an earlier post, I often use my crushes as models for the heroes in my writing. So really, I’m not shallow–okay, wait, let me stop giggling. I’m not shal…oh, hell, I can’t keep a straight face. Yes, it’s all about the hotness with me.

So let’s kick off the Tiger Beat Crush of the Week series with the extremely hot guy I picture as the hero of my work in progress: Danny Pino (Danny Pino – IMDB). Continue reading


Sweat, Determination, and…Delusion?

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”
–Colin Powell

I’ll admit, the hard work that writing actually is was a bit of a surprise to me when I started writing fiction. But it was work I took to immediately–it’s the first “job” (non-paying at the moment, of course) I’ve ever had where I’m happier the harder I work. I’m like a pig in mud, as they say, when it comes to learning more about the craft of writing, which I’ve done through reading, taking classes, joining professional associations, networking with other writers, and going to conferences. It’s a LOT of work, and it takes up a lot of my time (ask poor Mr. Bud, again, the most patient of the patient). And I love every minute of it…

…even though sometimes (okay, lots of times) it seems like I’ll never pay back my investment of all this time and effort. I still despair that my work will never be good enough to be published, because there’s just too much to learn and it’s all so contradictory and confusing.

But once in a while, I’ll read back over a paragraph or section–or even a whole chapter–I’ve written, and I’m shocked by how good it is because I’ve subconsciously applied something I’ve learned in my studies, and I think, “Wow. Maybe I do have a chance of being published one day!” Then I read something I did that absolutely sucks and think, “Or not.” And that’s when I realize–the reward in my writing may very well have to be my own personal one, and even if I never get published, maybe I can at least leave some really, really good manuscripts that my nieces (and nephew, but I don’t think he’s much of a chick book reader) can read and say, “You know what? Aunt Linda was an amazing writer!”

Oh, well, live in hope, die in despair as an obviously cynical friend of mine used to say.

One thing I think (hope) I’ll never be, though is as deluded as this little guy. And if I am, you hereby have permission to smack some sense into me.

Back to (Blog) Life

Wow, I forgot I even had this blog (as you can tell by the five-year gap in posts). But since I need a blog to link to my in-development writer’s site, this one will do just fine.

Lots has happened in the five years since I wrote my last post. I started a new job as a marketing writer, and am now also the managing editor of my division’s client magazine, circulation 36,000 (love, love, LOVE that part of the job–I can set my inner control freak free). The jerk of a downstairs neighbor I referred to in my first post moved out a few months ago, so the world has (to its unending gratitude, I’m sure) been deprived of my rants about how the space he takes up in the universe would be better given to someone who actually has a soul; warnings about how, if Mr. Bud and I turn up dead, to check downstairs first; and my promises that, if said neighbor was sprawled on the side of the road injured and bleeding with vultures pecking his eyes out, I’d wave cheerily and drive on by. Ooh, there, see? You’ve just been caught up on it all in the Cliff Notes version. Less angst for you, residual catharticism (yes, I like to make up words) for me.

Most important (well, to me, anyway), I’ve started writing again. For a few years after my mom became ill, and especially after she passed away in 2006, other than my writing for work I just couldn’t pick up a pen. Er, keyboard.

But in mid-2010 my friend Shelley and I cooked up a scheme to write a fluffy chick lit-type book (she’d plot, I’d write). And we actually finished it! Sent it out to agents and everything! Only to find out that chick lit is supposedly dead! So it didn’t get published! And rightfully so, looking back on it! But hey, I wrote, and–most importantly for the Queen and Almighty Supreme Empress of The Kingdom of Startem and Dropem–completed a freakin’ book! And then wrote and finished a second one! And actually plotted about half of this one myself! And I’m starting to query on it as we speak! And now, I’m working on a third one! That’s a total trash and rewrite of the first one! Which had some great characters, but all the agent feedback we got on it said the story was way too cliched! And it was!

So there will be updates coming on not only the progress of the second book’s queries, but on the third book’s development. And lots more, too. For instance, at the suggestion of my work posse, Pam, Cathy, and Angela (aka The Girls of Megacube–the 2013 calendar will be on sale soon, guys), I want to start a regular feature we’ve dubbed “Linda’s Tiger Beat Crush of the Week,” in which I will channel my inner 50+-year-old teenybopper and highlight my current celebrity crush (I have lots of them, not to mention an EXTREMELY patient and tolerant and wonderful husband, the aforementioned Mr. Bud, who will probably be the subject of future posts, too, heh, heh, heh, thank God he’s not much of an online guy). My celebrity crushes in many cases are the inspiration for the characters in my writing, so when the books are finally published you can already have a picture of them in your mind (and trust me–they’re all hot, because I have REALLY good taste. You’re welcome).

Oh, and I may even include some non-mind-meltingly fluffy posts, for those of you who prefer some substance with your drivel.

So we have lots of fun planned, kids. Make sure you tune in regularly. This time, I promise it won’t be five years till the next post.